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Our online learning in virtual classrooms brings a world full of languages into your home, via computer or even your smartphone! Stay connected and make real progress towards your goals – in work, study, school or life.

Join us! Small groups, intensive courses, individual training – you’ll find different courses to fit your needs, schedule and budget – click here to directly to our virtual training booking site.

Are you already a FOKUS customer? Contact us to continue your course online. Use your usual contact email address or email us at Are you already a FOKUS customer? Contact us to continue your course online. Use your usual contact email address or email us at We are also taking phone calls between 10:00 and 15:00 daily or leave a message on 0711-79472190.


We set high standards for ourselves to ensure that we provide high standards for our customers. FOKUS Stuttgart is regularly certified according to the standards demanded by ISO 9001 : 2015 and AZAV.Maintaining these professional standards is the basis of the trusting relationship we build with each customer.

In 1999 FOKUS Stuttgart opened for business in Stuttgart-Möhringen. You'll find us directly opposite Möhringen Bahnhof - easy to reach from every direction.

FOKUS offers tailor-made language training for successful communication with your international business partners - or for academic study, travel, connecting with people - whatever your goals, we will plan and deliver a course that's flexible, effective and that fits your schedule. Our goal: to make language learning as enjoyable and easy as possible.

For language learners seeking a cost-effective group solution, FOKUS Stuttgart offers continuous open group courses that can be joined at any time.

FOKUS Stuttgart is looking forward to helping you meet your language goals - talk to us!

EPZ-09-19-Q / EPZ-09-19-T

Meet your language goals with FOKUS.

Qualified, native-speaking trainers

Free placement test and needs analysis

Fast and flexible course organisation

Goal-oriented training programme

Certificate at the end of the course

Exams and exam preparation: telc,

Integration courses

Central location, excellent public transport connections, fast and easy to reach from all parts of Stuttgart

20 Jahre Sprachen im Fokus

Im Jahr 2019 feiert Fokus Stuttgart das 20-jährige Jubiläum. Hier sind die wichtigsten Meilensteine.
  • 27. Juli 1999 Unterzeichnung GbR-Vertrag: Fokus Sprachen & Seminare Stuttgart Wergen/Rout GbR“ wird gegründet.
  • 27. Dezember 1999 Eröffnung der Räumlichkeiten in der Sigmaringer Straße.
  • 10. Januar 2000 Die erste offene Gruppe Englisch startet.
  • 22. Juni 2001 Erste Prüfung zum „Zertifikat Deutsch“.
  • 2. November 2002 Eröffnung der zusätzlichen Räume in der Vaihinger Straße 24.
  • 16. Juli 2002 132 aktuell laufende Kurse
  • 21. März 2003 Erste telc-Prüferqualifizierung bei Fokus.
  • 12. November 2003 Erste Prüfung TestDaF bei Fokus (die erste in Stuttgart überhaupt!)
  • 1. Juni 2005 964 Sprachkurse
  • 4. Dezember 2008 Umzug in die neuen Räume Probststraße 17.
  • 19. Mai 2009 Erstes großes FOKUS-Fest in den neuen Räumen.
  • 12. Oktober 2010 Zertifizierung nach DIN ISO 9000 und AZAV
  • 1. Januar 2015 FOKUS erhält BAMF Lizenz.
  • 14. Dezember 2015 Der erste Integrationskurs startet.
  • 1. April 2016 Einzug der Abteilung Integration in die zusätzlichen Räume im Schelmenwasen
  • 1. Januar 2019 Übernahme zusätzlicher Räume in der Probststraße und Schließung der Nebenstelle Schelmenwasen
  • 27. Juli 2019 20 Jahre FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare Stuttgart GmbH – 20 angestellte Mitarbeiter, 10 Unterrichtsräume, ca. 200 Lehrkräfte, ca. 700 aktive Kurse


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Bei Buchung aller Module:
B2 Intensivkurs nur 396,00 € 

for each 4 week phase
Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00
(80 units per phase)

Einzelmodul:  440,00 €

Unsere nächsten Kurstermine:

Start                  03.02.2020 – 28.02.2020

Weg                   02.03.2020 – 28.03.2020

Aim                    30.03.2020 – 28.04.2020

Prüfung B2      29.04.2020


Am 03. Februar 2020 fängt unser Intensivkurs B2 an.

Jetzt anmelden!

B2 - Intensive START - PATHWAY - GOAL

In 3 phases we'll guide you through level B2 to a successful exam or to a C1 intesive course, e.g. for study in Germany.

Phase 1: START
Understand the transition form B1 to B2

Phase 2: PATHWAY
Build German knowledge and skills

Phase 3: GOAL
Das Gelernte anwenden und zielsicher sich auf die Prüfung vorbereiten

Each phase = 4 weeks

Included: start level assessment and consultation, live tutorials online, free "test it out" lesson before registration, social activities, telc exam and exam preparation Einstufung, Beratung, Extra Live-Tutorials online, Schnupperstunden vorab, Freizeitaktivitäten, telc Prüfung Deutsch B2

Further information:


Focus on Specialist Courses!

FOKUS Stuttgart - 20 years of expertise in language training combined with a passion for bringing people closer to their professional and personal goals through language competence.

From engineering to business to medicine: competence and success in many professions relies on clear and precise communication.

You haven't found a course tailored for your profession? Talk to us!

We'll take the time to understand your professional field and the language you need, identify both your strengths and weaker areas and define learning goals.

Together, we'll design a course which will enable you to use the target language effectively and with self-confidence.

English for hospital staff
Since 2015 FOKUS Stuttgart has been working with a specialised team of English trainers for hospitals and medical services. Talk to us!
International Specialist Personnel Agency: Here's your new chef!
Are you running a restaurant? What's the most important ingredient in your kitchen? It's your staff! If you're looking for a new qualified chef then it's the right time to talk to us. We locate appropriate applicants from EU countries and ensure that they have the language skills the job demands. We'll support your new staff member during the settling in phase. Interested? Micaela De Rubertis is looking forward to your call or email.


Which English?

Languages are living things: they grow and change to reflect the needs, interests, abilities, knowledge, fears and pretty much everything else about the people using them. At Fokus, we look at the real life needs of our English learners when deciding on the best trainer. Our trainers come from many different English speaking countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines and Singapore. For most learners in today’s world, being internationally understandable is usually more important than being overly worried about which English.

This article from the Guardian explores the changing usage of British and American English around the world. Of course, there are many other standard forms of English…

Test your Language level now!

Check your language level with our free online tests
Fokus Sprachen & Seminare | Einstufungstest | Deutsch
Wie gut ist Ihr Deutsch?
How well do you speak English?
Quel est votre niveau de Français?
¿Qué tan bien hablas español?
Come parli l'italiano?


Our experienced and competent team is looking forward to working with you!

We have highly qualified and friendly trainers in our team. They have experience in corporate and industry courses and are therefore qualified to communicate specialist language and terminology.

FOKUS keeps you in the middle of the picture! We provide complete customer care with flexibility and responsiveness to your needs at every step. Professional and highly motivated trainers with university level qualifications teach their native languages with passion. You'll learn to speak with confidence and with an understanding of the culture of the language.

Josef Wergen


Andrina Rout


Maria Doitsidou

Director of Studies German
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Maria Doitsidou

Director of Studies German

Anna Makridou

Assistance German Departement
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Anna Makridou

German Course Coordination

Grant Walsh

Director of Studies English
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Grant Walsh

Director of Studies English

Tanja Lilienthal

Head of Departement Citizenship Courses and Group Programmes
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Tanja Lilienthal

Integrationskurse & Gruppenprogramme

Irina Gubanova

Fachleitung Integrationskurse
Prüfungsleitung TestDaF
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Irina Gubanova

Fachleitung Integrationskurse Prüfungsleitung TestDaF

Micaela de Rubertis

International Specialists
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Micaela de Rubertis

International Specialists

Catherine Bernhardt

Head of Department Foreign Languages
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Catherine Bernhardt

Head of Department Foreign Languages

Elena Geyer


Tetiana Shabas

Empfang, Büromanagement
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Tetiana Shabas

Empfang, Büromanagement

Blandine Breda


Petrina Tilaveridou

Integrationskurse & Offene Gruppen
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Petrina Tilaveridou

Koordination Integrationskurse und Offene Kleingruppen

Gabriele Tschá

Buchhandel, Rechnungswesen
Tel. +49 (711) 794 72190

Gabriele Tschá

Buchhandel, Rechnungswesen


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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare Stuttgart GmbH

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Right at the train stop "Möhringen Bahnhof", easy to reach from city center and from all other directions, you will find our training rooms: modern, technically well equipped and with good air conditions at all seasons.

Probststraße 17
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You can reach us easily by public transport:
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