Oxford Test of English

English Language Certificate from Oxford University

The Oxford Test of English (OTE) is an internationally recognized English language certificate from the world-famous Oxford University. It’s computer-based, tests all skills, covers levels A1-B2 and you’ll get your results quickly!

FOKUS Stuttgart & München sind offizielle OTE-Testzentren.
Die Prüfung eignet sich für Sekundarschüler und Studenten, die ein bestimmtes Englischniveau nachweisen müssen, sowie für Geschäftsleute, die ein schnelles und flexibles Testformat suchen. Eine wachsende Zahl an Universitäten und tertiären Bildungseinrichtungen erkennen den Oxford Test of English als Nachweis von Englischkenntnissen an.

At FOKUS Stuttgart you can do:

  • The complete test (listening, reading, speaking & writing test): 200 minutes €120,00
  • There is also a „school“ version for children at secondary level, which is ideal for demonstrating your English level to a new school, e.g. for International School admission
  • One or more test parts: e.g. only the speaking test, or the speaking and writing tests. Contact us for more information

OTE Facts:

  • OTE is a scaled test & measures your level from A2 to B2. A new version that extends to C1 will be launched in 2022
  • The Oxford Test of English is adaptive, meaning it includes tasks of different difficulty levels, and adjusts the diffculty level of the reading and listening tasks according to the candidate’s performance. You’ll find a free demo test here.
  • Tests are done online at FOKUS
  • It’s possible to re-sit a part of the test within 8 months of the first test date
  • Registration deadline: approximately 14 days before the test date
  • Results: within 14 days of the test, available via the online portal (the results for the listening and reading tests are immediate). The certificate can be downloaded and shows the score for each part and the overall CEF level reached


We offer individual preparation courses for the OTE. You can practise all parts of the exam, including speaking and writing, and get feedback and tips. The cost is €179 for a 3 hour 1-1 course, where we will focus on your needs.

For your individual preparation course appointment please contact info.stuttgart@fokussprachen.com. Be sure to include your name, the name of the test and if you are doing the complete test or one or more parts, and the date you are doing or planning to do the test.

Have you got any questions? We’re here to help. Click here: https://fokussprachen.com/en/beratung-deutsch/


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