Exam Preparation – Crash Courses

Effective Preparation for telc German Exams – B1, B2, C1 Hochschule

The telc Exam Preparation Crash Course from FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare is an effective compact online course which covers all exam sections, as well as tips for exam success. Our Crash Courses take place on a regular basis: Deutsch B2 in even calendar weeks, B1 and C1 Hochschule in odd calendar weeks. We can also offer preparation courses for all other telc exams, for example, B1-B2 Pflege or C1 Allgemein.

  • The telc Exam Preparation Crash Courses take place 4 days before the exam in small groups
  • Preparation for all exam sections
  • Individual support for all participants by our team of experienced telc trainers

By the end of our crash course, all participants will be familiar with all sections of the exam as well as the format and test procedure. There will be time to practise all test sections of telc Deutch B1, B2 or C1 Hochschule and to feel more confident of a successful result.

Exam Preparation – Crash Courses

German Exam Preparation Crash Courses


4 days


3-8 participants

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