TestDaF Paper-Based

THE German Certificate for Studying in Germany

German universities require that foreign students submit proof that their German language level is advanced enough to study successfully. TestDaF is a formal test of German language that is recognised by universities and other institues of higher learning throughout Germany.

TestDaF tests German at the CEF levels B2 and C1: it certifies that the successful candidate has an advanced level of German.

TestDaF has 4 parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. The test items are based on typical university themes and texts and demand not only language skills, but an academic style of thinking and test-taking.

Marking TestDaF takes approximately 4 weeks. The certificate with results can be downloaded and printed directly from the TestDaF Candidate Portal.

You’ll find all TestDaF dates on the Website of the TestDaF-Institute. Registration and payment can also be done on the website, sing the Candidate Portal.

TestDaF Vorbereitungskurse B2 C1 Hoch

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