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Which language course formats does FOKUS offer?

When you learn a language at FOKUS, you have a choice of different course formats, from intensive or crash courses to small public or private groups and of course, individual training.


Intensive courses offer the chance to make fast progress by learning a lot in a short period of time. Intensive courses take place on 4 days, from Monday to Thursday. You‘ll spend a minimum of 4 units (3 hours) each day with a language teacher, and in addition, you’ll have homework to consolidate what you’ve covered in class. A complete intensive course covers a whole CEF level and takes 12 weeks.

What‘s the difference between an INTENSIVE COURSE and an INTEGRATION COURSE?

Integration courses are subsidized by BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge – the federal department responsible for migration and refugees). They comprise an orientation course followed by 6 German language modules, ending with the DTZ German test and the „Living in Germany“ test. Integration courses cover the levels from A1 to B1.

What will I learn in an ORIENTATION COURSE?

Orientation courses cover German law, history and culture. They comprise 100 units and are subsidized by BAMF.


If you don’t have time for an intensive course but still want to learn a language systematically and on a fixed day and time, then FOKUS small groups are a great option. Small groups meet 1-2 times per week for 90 minutes each time and are led by one of our experienced teachers. FOKUS small groups take place in the mornings or evenings and cover a range of languages and levels. A small group takes 168 units to go from one level to the next.

I need a language course that meets my specific goals and needs. Can I arrange an individual or private course at FOKUS?

The FOKUS team will arrange a flexible and customized course that meets your goals and needs. You can also create a small group of friends or acquaintances – a PRIVATE MINI GROUP – and split the cost.


Crash courses prepare you for specific language test. Over 4 days from Monday to Thursday you‘ll practice all parts of the test acquire test-taking strategies that will help you achieve success. The teachers for FOKUS crash courses are all licensed and experience examiners and markers, who have in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the test and how it is marked.

Which textbooks does FOKUS use and how are they paid for?

Our experienced teaching team has chosen the best textbook on the market for each course. You (the student) will pay for your own textbook. You can buy your book/s from FOKUS for the same price as in bookstores.

I’m not sure what my language level is? How can I find out?

FOKUS has an online language test on our website to help you decide what your level is. You’re also welcome to contact us for advice and a free level assessment.

Can I try a language course for free?

Yes, before you sign up for a course, you’re welcome to arrange a free trial class with no strings attached. This way, you can get to know your teacher and the other students and also check if the level and format suits you.

The course I’d like to attend has started. Can I still join?

YES! Our intensive courses and small groups are modular and you can join at any point as long as the level is right for you.

How do ONLINE language courses work at FOKUS?

We use ZOOM for our online language courses. It’s easy to use – you just need a stable internet connection and preferably a laptop rather than a mobile phone. Before your class, you’ll receive a link which you click to enter the classroom. We provide assistance at if you’re having technical problems.

Does FOKUS also offer face-to- face language courses?

Wenn Sie in Stuttgart, München oder in der Umgebung dieser beiden Städte wohnen, können Sie gerne an einem unserer Präsenzkurse teilnehmen. Informieren Sie sich über das aktuelle Kursprogramm auf den jeweiligen Websites unserer Sprachschulen in Stuttgart or Munich.

I‘m not happy with my language course. What should I do?

Es kann objektive und subjektive Gründe geben, warum ein Sprachkurs nicht gefällt. Das erste und das wichtigste, was Sie in dieser Situation tun sollten, ist nicht zu lange zu warten und unsere Fachleitungen, or direkt darauf anzusprechen. Gemeinsam werden wir eine Lösung finden.

Will I get a CERTIFICATE at the end of my course?

If you’d like a certificate of attendance, please let us know. If you need a certificate showing your level, you’ll need to sit an internationally recognized language test. FOKUS offers a wide range of language tests for different languages and levels.

Are ONLINE Courses as effective as FACE TO FACE OR IN-PERSON courses?

Yes! They can even have advantages! You can attend from wherever you are and the virtual classroom offers many features that make learning effective and enjoyable. FOKUS teachers are experienced in using virtual classrooms to teach online so that there is no loss of quality.