Your FOKUS trainer is on hand to create individual lesson plans to help you on your language journey. They assess your level, needs and expectations with you right from the beginning and use the results to draw up a relevant and goal-oriented course. In this regard, we can also guarantee none of our lessons are ever the same, keeping you motivated throughout.

Our FOKUS trainers are hand-selected meaning you can rest assured they have the qualifications, soft skills and experience needed for the job at hand. We know that each learner has different needs and expectations, but FOKUS guarantees to find you the right language trainer, who brings the right combination of individuality and skills to help guide each learner towards their goals. No matter the trainer, the needs of the learners will always be the priority.

Language Teachers

FOKUS conducts regular feedback with each learner to make sure that we can keep an eye on their progress and satisfaction levels. All stakeholders, including the language trainer, have access to the feedback to ensure transparency and any points that don’t meet our high standards are dealt with openly and quickly.