Family Reunification

Proof of basic German language competence

Families and marriages are protected under German law. This is also true for migrants without EU citizenship.

Family reunification is possible if specific requirements are met. Spouses wanting to come to and remain in Germany are required, amongst other things, to demonstrate a basic level of German, so that they are able to use German to do very simple things from the start. This includes understanding and using simple, everyday phrases and being able to write in a short and very basic way. This is level A1 of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEF).

You will generally need to sit a German language exam and have a recognised certificate such as telc Start Deutsch 1 before arriving in Germany. FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare offers both intensive courses and small groups in virtual classrooms with experienced teachers. You can build your German skills and prepare for your German exam, wherever you are. Our schools in Munich and Stuttgart are certified exam centres and offer many exams at all levels every month.

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