German Citizenship

German Language Proficiency B1

If you’ve lived in Germany for 8 years or more, you have a right to apply for German citizenship.

With German citizenship, you will enjoy freedom of movement throughout Europe, visa free travel in many countries and the protection of German consulates around the world. You will also have the right to vote or run for government.

In addition to fulfilling a range of pre-requisites, including proof of identity and the means to financially support yourself, you need to demonstrate that you have attained a B1 level of German in writing and speaking, according to the Common European Framework (CEF) for Languages.

FOKUS offers many German courses that will help you to improve your German and reach the level needed for citizenship. We also run the telc B1 and DTZ exams each month, so you can learn German, sit the exam and receive the certificate you need to present to the German authorities.

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