TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication

Internationally Recognised Business English Certificate

TOEIC is ideal for students and employees who need to demonstrate their level of professional English. It is recognised world-wide by companies, universities and business schools.

FOKUS Stuttgart is a licensed TOEIC Test Centre. Contact us for an individual appointment.

At FOKUS Stuttgart you can do:

  • The TOEIC ITP 4 skills test (Listening & Reading Test and Speaking & Writing test): 200 minutes with a break €233,00 with score report & certificate
  • Either the TOEIC ITP Listening & Reading Test OR the TOEIC ITP Speaking & Writing Test: each test takes 100 minutes €142,00 per test with score report & certificate
  • Our test appointments are arranged on an individual basis to suit your schedule. For group bookings, the prices are as above. If you are sitting the tests by yourself, there is an extra fee of €120,00.

TOEIC Facts:

  • TOEIC is a scaled test & measures your level from A1 to C1
  • Tests are done online at FOKUS
  • Registration deadline: for TOEIC ITP 4 Skills approximately 15 working days before the test date, for TOEIC ITP Listening & reading OR Speaking & Writing the registration deadline is 15 working days before the test
  • Results: for TOEIC ITP 4 Skills and TOEIC Speaking & Writing approximately 15 working days after the test date, for TOEIC ITP Listening & Reading approximately 5 working days after the test date
  • If you’re under time pressure, it’s possible to choose express registration and marking for any test: The time needed from your first contact with us to your results can be as fast as 5 working days. There are extra fees for express service: contact us for more information
  • Our price includes a score report and certificate


We offer individual preparation courses for all TOEIC telc tests. You can practise all parts of the exam, including speaking and writing, and get feedback and tips. The cost is €179 for a 3 hour 1-1 course, where we will focus on your needs.

For your individual preparation course appointment please contact Be sure to include your name, the name of the exam and if you are doing 4 Skills, L&R or S&W and the date you are doing the exam.

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