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You’ll never be lost for words again
with FOKUS Sprachen

Our language training with the 4L components

LERNEN (Learn)
Learning means being able to do something better than before and to continually develop. That is why your progress in learning a foreign language is our main focus and our job is to make your progress tangible!

It isn’t often that we engage in learning for the sake of learning. We ideally want to be able to do something with what we have learnt and it’s for this reason, our number one priority is to make sure what you learn in the classroom relevant and transferable. You won’t just be learning the language through an engaging mix of communicative activities but that you will ultimately be left feeling your language learning experience is relevant and beneficial for your everyday performance.

LACHEN (Laugh)
Success and progress should be fun! This doesn’t just count for the end result but the whole journey from beginning to end. Learning and laughter should never be regarded as contradictions - they belong together!

LEBEN (Life)
Communication is a fundamental part of life and one which we both enjoy and gain success from. "Learning for life" and "Lifelong learning" are important mantras close to our hearts – so why not follow them yourself with FOKUS?!


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