Language learning in a group with professionals and managers.

Group training - whether virtual or in the proven classroom - offers a variety of advantages, such as the potential for collaborative learning, the strengthening of team dynamics and last but not least cost efficiency.

FOKUS supports you in assessing the language abilities of your employees and creating homogeneous learning groups to create the most optimal learning environments for your employees. If you have several employees who would like to have a German course, English course or a course for any other language, get in touch and we’ll help draw up a learning plan to meet your needs!

Group language courses for companies

Intensive Group Training

In this format, 2-4 employees will regularly learn the target language together to help them in everyday business. Depending on their needs, current projects and tasks can be integrated into the training to further enhance the relevancy and transferability of the course.

Extensive Group Training

In this format, 5-8 employees will learn the target language together at regular intervals. The training content focuses primarily on company-specific and specialist business skills such as telephoning, writing e-mails or presentations all in the target language.

In order to ensure the success progression of each participant, we will support you every step of the way, from assessing their starting language level to monitoring feedback and testing their development. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help!