Overcoming Intercultural Differences in the German-speaking World

a FOKUS COMPACT Workshop for German

Diplomatic Language & Intercultural Awareness

Overcoming Intercultural Differences in the German-speaking World

Germans have a reputation in business for being cold and rude. It’s a result of cultural differences in acceptable levels of directness which can often be misinterpreted by non-native speakers. In contrast, more subtle levels of directness may have an adverse effect on comprehension while using the German language. But to what extent?

Our focus in terms of content:
Identify and understand intercultural differences
Definition of directness
Openness-honesty-straightforwardness versus strength-hardness-recklessness
Dosage of directness depending on the situation
Say “no“ and give other “bad news“ in soft and hard ways, depending on the situation
Give and formulate feedback in a constructive way
Small talk and phrases to liven up the conversation

Unsere Dozent:nnen sind native or near-native speakers, highly qualified language trainer with many years of experience in the language industry.

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Price: €199 per participant for each half-day workshop

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Please note that our workshops are suitable for participants with at least a B1 level of German.

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Darya Wagner

Director of Studies Deutsch FOKUS München

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