FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare provides you with professional and accurate translations in all languages, tailored to your target group.

Our qualified technical translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue and are specialized in various fields.

Websites, brochures, technical manuals, presentations, legal texts, balance sheets - we have the right translator for your needs.

Absolute confidentiality and prompt delivery are guaranteed.

By using the most up-to-date translation technologies, we work efficiently and at a reasonable price, as our translation memory systems enable consistent translations by detecting repetitions and defined terminology. Our processes and fees are fully transparent.

If required, we can also have your translated documents certified by our publicly appointed and sworn translators.

Put your trust in our many years of expertise.

We look forward to hearing from you!


FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare offers you professional interpreting services for conferences, meetings, negotiations and all events where smooth communication across language barriers is essential.

Globalisation has led to interpreters becoming an even more indispensable part of everyday economic and political life, where mediation between parties with varying language backgrounds is critical. Our interpreters are familiar with all business and economic settings and can easily adapt to the need at hand, whether negotiations, trade fairs, conferences, training courses or other international events.

If you require interpreting, both consecutive or simultaneous, we have the right language experts for you. Just get in touch to find out more details.