telc – the European Language Certificates - English

English language certificates for business, study, school or general purposes

telc English exams are internationally recognised and cover all levels of the Common European Framework levels from A1 to C2. There is a telc English exam for your specific needs and level.

FOKUS Stuttgart and FOKUS Munich are official telc test centres. Book your telc test on our website (appointments every month), or contact us for an individual appointment if you can’t find the exam you need on a date that suits you.

There are many levels and versions of telc English tests. They are ideal for school and university students, business people and the general public - anyone who needs to demonstrate their level of English telc tests are recongnised world-wide by schools, universities, businesses and government bodies.

At FOKUS Stuttgart you can do:

  • All telc English tests from A1 to C2, single level and dual level, general, school, university and business

telc Facts:

  • telc offers single level tests at all levels from A1-C2, and dual level tests A2/B1, B1/B2 and B2/C1. The cost is €180,00 for all levels up to C1. Any test at B2-C1 level or C1 level costs €210;00
  • All telc tests assess listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • The speaking part is assessed in-person by 2 certitifed examiners on the day of the test
  • The listening, reading and writing parts of the test are completed by hand on paper
  • Registration deadline: approximately 16 days before the test date
  • Results: within 4-6 weeks of the test


We offer individual preparation courses for all telc tests. You can practise all parts of the exam, including speaking and writing, and get feedback and tips. The cost is €179 for a 3 hour 1-1 course, where we will focus on your needs.

For your individual preparation course appointment please contact . Be sure to include your name, the level and name of the exam and the date you are doing or plan to do the exam.

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