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Anyone who wants to attract, retain and develop employees today doesn't just need an expert or specialised service provider, but rather a network that cooperates in the spirit of partnership, consists of interdisciplinary fields and expertise, and can thus analyse the increasingly complex challenges from various perspectives, recognise connections, and offer solutions from a single source.

Together with our partners, we are dedicated to the question: "How can we support organisations in the future viability of their HR work?"

Our partner network...

  • ... supports organisations and individuals in their continuous development, through personal and professional orientation, forward-looking skill development and successful positioning on the labour market,
  • ... consists of over 800 internal employees from a wide range of disciplines
  • ... works with over 1,500 certified coaches, trainers and experts
  • ... spans over 100 locations in Germany and Switzerland
  • ... offers both digital and face-to-face solutions for sustainable development
  • ... uses digital tools implemented globally
  • ... has been on the market for over 70 years and since then has adapted to ever-changing conditions through its work with different target groups and applied this to our innovative solutions."

BBI Bildungs- und Beratungsinstitut

Reach your goals with the right education! Since being founded in 1990, our customers and clients have been able to count on us, BBI - Bildungs- und Beratungsinstitut GmbH, as a reliable partner for their education and training needs. We operate successfully within the vocational training and labour market integration fields.

Our services range from training measures and projects, as well as workshops and further development. Thanks to our AZAV certification, in addition to our courses for corporate clients, we provide fully funded programmes to those in receipt of a voucher from the Federal Employment Agency.

BBQ Berlin

Your partner for professional development. BBQ has been supporting our clients to successfully achieve our professional ambitions. BBQ is currently located in 7 cities with 12 active branches. In addition, BBQ provides digital training measures through its Online Academy.

From subsidised further education, re-training, re-skilling, coaching and language courses, BBQ offers a wide range of training programmes for adults. For BBQ, success is measured by the success of our graduates. It's with great pide that 95% of all our participants achieve their educational goals with us.

BSG Bildungsinstitut für Soziales und Gesundheit GmbH

BSG Bildungsinstitut für Soziales und Gesundheit GmbH specialises in psychosocial and health support for people within the framework of labour market provisions throughout Germany as well as sociotherapy and outpatient assisted living in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our mission is to close the gaps in care within the psychosocial sector. For this, we place great value on educating and training professionals through our exclusive e-learning platform for the social and health care sector. We are convinced: appreciation works wonders!

cmp (CH)

Founded in Switzerland in 1997, cmp has been supporting corporate and individual, planned and externally driven change for more than 25 years with field-tested consulting services, tailor-made training and individual coaching.

Within the German-speaking world, predominantly in Switzerland, we offer the most modern e-learning and blended learning solutions. Besides individual training services, we offer RightPlacement (including New- and Outplacement), didactic train-the-trainer programmes, as well as the development and consolidation of NewWork competences for specialists and managers.

GPB Berlin

For 30 years, GPB - Gesellschaft für Personalentwicklung und Bildung mbH has set itself the goal of preparing its customers for the current requirements of the labour market in the most optimal way possible by seeing the great value in practical and application-oriented content.

Retraining, (initial) training, individual further training, and AVGS coaching are offered at several locations in Berlin. In addition to the commercial-administrative field, GPB Berlin offers training programmes for the media and IT sectors.

Lernen Bohlscheid

lernen bohlscheid - Akademie für Bildungsprojekte GmbH has been successfully involved in the education, counselling and career sectors for decades. The academy, situated in the heart of Cologne, not only boasts excellent public transport connections, but also nurtures an active network with business, trade and industry professionals. It offers retraining, further education, and coaching programmes, while the Innovation Hub offers modern and up-to-date programmes related to current trends within the world of work and careers.

meta | five

Founded in 2002, meta | five human performance consulting has become one of the largest systemic consultancies for human resources and organisational development in Germany. We stand for excellent solutions that diagnose and promote the performance of people in organisations, support strategies and thus make companies more successful.

We advise and support clients from a wide range of industries, from regional associations, SMEs and public institutions to international corporations. We are the right partner for everything related to human resources and organisational development, including the technical implementation of survey and feedback projects.

the key Community / the key Academie

We believe that personal development is the most sustainable investment in quality of life for society, organisations and individuals.

It is, therefore, our task to create the ideal form of personal development and to make it accessible to as many people as possible at any time. To this end, we produce and market digital courses with IHK certificates, which can be completed anytime and anywhere thanks to our own app and micro-learning units.

Wirtschaftsakademie Am Ring GmbH

The Wirtschaftsakademie am Ring GmbH is a renowned education provider with over 20 years of experience in further education. The company has specialised in the requirements of the modern and continuously changing world of work.

The diverse range of education includes retraining, upgrading qualifications and practice-oriented further education measures with IHK qualification/certificate on current topics such as digitalisation or artificial intelligence for different target groups.

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