Which language course is the right one for me?

A language course that fits my needs

If you’d like to learn German or another language and aren’t sure which course is the best one for you, FOKUS is happy to help. We understand that you may have many questions and want to make the right decision based on your level, schedule, learning stye and goals.

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FOKUS has solutions for a wide range of learning needs which also take your personal situation into account. Before you book a language course, it’s a good idea to think about these questions:

  • What’s my level? Am I a total beginner or have I already learnt something?
  • Do I want to refresh a level I had before or am I learning this level for the first time?
  • Do I want to improve all aspects of the language, or do I want to focus on, for example, speaking or writing?
  • Do I prefer being in a class by myself or in a group?
  • Do I prefer small groups, or is a larger group also OK for me?
  • Would I like to learn online or in-person?
  • Do I concentrate better in the morning, afternoon or evening?
  • Would I like to take an intensive course – and learn each day – or learn for a couple of hours each week over a longer time period?

Learning a foreign language is an investment of time and money. We understand that you want to make clear progress as quickly as possible – and maintain this new competence.

If you’re sure how to answer these questions we’re here to advise you so that you can choose the right language course with confidence. Contact us and we can work together on planning a successful language learning journey. https://fokussprachen.com/en/beratung-deutsch/

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