Get your language skills fit for business

You communicate with your customers and associates in a foreign language, but you lack routine?

Whatever your demands are: FOKUS provides tailor-made language training concepts for your needs - with an holistic approach, an optmized implementation and transparent realization.

You will learn fast and goal-oriented. Profit from the FOKUS programmes and improve the service quality, safe money and time and make your work easier for yourself.



    Intense basic business language training. Qualified native speakers with business background design the language training as practical as possible and take your skills for daily business to an appropriate level.

    Basic Business Communication

    Level A1-A2, all languages

    Methodically structured language course for basic knowledge of the target language to tackle basic office communication: taking connecting calls, e-mails, talking to colleagues and customers, describing tasks and responsibilities, asking and answering questions.

    Advanced Business Communication

    Level B1-B2, all languages

    Consolidation of basic knowledge and acquisition of more specific and complex language skills required for communication across and range of situations, including sensitive and critical discussions, negotiations, presentations and chairing meetings.


    Specialist Language Training

    level B1-C1, all languages

    Specialist Language Training level B1-C1, all languages Job specific language training which focuses on mastery of the vocabulary and phrases typically used in departments such as accounting, controlling, marketing and sales, HR and legal - whatever the job, FOKUS delivers. Our trainers have the language training experience and insider knowledge of your field needed to understand and meet your needs.

    Language Training for the Industry

    level A2-C1, all languages

    FOKUS provides training concepts exclusively developed for branches like telecommunication, logistics, IT, chemistry, hotel industry, travel, insurance etc. The concepts meet the demands of the branch and are taught by experienced trainers with expertise in the respective branch.


    Company-specific trainings

    We create material for our courses on the basis of your desired context in your company (i.e. call centre, work at the counter, customer service etc.). Learn exactly what you need for your job and implement your new skills in your conversation with customers and associates. Absolute discretion is self-evident.


    Language coaching for managers

    Executive manager travel a lot - and work on very specific issues. Our executive trainings offer the utmost flexibility regarding both content and timing. We only send our very best trainers to teach you lingual and intercultural competence.


    Reach your goals in one day!

    If you want to bring certain language skills to perfection, our one-day workshops are ideal. All kinds of business situations like presentations, negotiations or meetings will be trained in the workshops - for a confident and professional way of communication when it matters.