At our location in Essen/Ruhrgebiet we have offered language courses for practically every language and intercultural seminars since 2005.

We have been partners of companies, universities, high schools, hospitals and social facilities for many years and provided tailor-made language courses and training concepts.

Our trainers have fundamental professional and didactic qualifications at their command. We provide mother tongue or bilingual speakers for the courses and select them based on your demands and needs.

For your employees' further qualifications you want to look for a reliable partner with experience and expertise - a partner who offers effective training solutions tailored around your company's needs.

The FOKUS location in Essen is part of the FOKUS group and we plan and organise trainings for almost every language for our customers.

In over 30 years of existence we established a brand that stands for practical relevance, innovation and success.
A common language means to us understanding each other and connecting people and cultures.

The name says it all - we put our FOKUS on you.

What we offer:

  • Needs & type of learner analysis
  • CEF-based online tests and oral
  • Suggestion, choice and briefing of appropriate trainers: native speakers/bilingual speakers, good German skills, qualifications, multidisciplinary expertise, experience with corporate customers, references
  • Planning tailor-made training concepts
    for face-to-face individual trainings, group trainings or
    so-called blended learning programmes
    for virtual classroom solutions
    for flexible webinar trainings
  • Organisation and implementation of the trainings
  • Tracking and feedback loops
  • Reporting and documentation for clients
  • FOKUS certificate for course participants

Please note:
At our location in Essen, where we plan and organise our courses from, we don't have classrooms - for your convenience we train in-house at your company.


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Company Courses


Private Courses

Englischtraining für Firmen & Privatkunden

English courses for corporate & private customers

Bildungsscheck Land NRW

'Education vouchers' - Federal State NRW

Andere Berufliche Weiterbildungen

Further job-related education

Seminarangebote für Fach- & Führungskräfte

Seminars for specialists & executives



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Speechless nevermore...
with FOKUS Languages & Seminars

The 4L-components of our language training

Learning means to refine; to get better at something. We focus on your progress and make it perceptible for you!

What use does learning have if you can't use what you have learned. You will be able to apply your knowledge immediately: Work - communicate - be succesful!

It's fun to be succesful! But the road to success should be fun, too. Amusement is not in opposition to learning - they both are parts of our life.

Talking, communicating, understanding are building blocks of our life, of our joy and our success. With Fokus you can learn for life - for a lifetime!

June 2019

Open Company Courses

Open group courses in English (various levels) in various companies in the City of Essen and vicinity - ample parking and public transport connections at hand.
Planned course start: June through August 2019. There are still places available.

English and Spanish training in open group courses (various levels) in three companies in Mülheim/Ruhr, Dusiburg and Bochum. Planned course start - depending on the company - between June and August 2019.

Everyone with educational vouchers by the federal state NRW (Bildungsscheck-Förderung des Landes NRW)- also if one works at other companies - is welcome.

For further details please contact info.essen@fokussprachen.com or
Tel. 0201 / 177 88 80.

For further information on the Ministry for Labour, Health and Social Affairs Northrine Westphalia please click on the graphic on the left.

June 2019

For hospitals and care facilities

German as a foreign language for medical staff (doctors and nursing staff) from abroad: 

Goal: improving German skills

Communication problems with medical staff from abroad have been an issue in German hospitals, but understanding the German language and being understood when speaking it is - next to the medical expertise - the key to a successful treatment and can minimize liability.

B2/C1 - Course German as a foreign language

Individual face-to-face/group training German as a foreign language (3 modules according to status of precognition)
Test your knowledge with our free placement test German.

Some of the FOKUS locations administer exams as licensed partners of telc.

telc German B2/C1 for medical science

If you have further questions, please give us a call.
We gear you up for a succesful test.

Important! Please note that...

  • ...FOKUS Essen and Dortmund do not have classrooms for face-to-face trainings available !
  • ...face-to-face training provided by FOKUS Essen and FOKUS Dortmund always takes place at the customer's company premises or at home.
  • ...FOKUS Essen and FOKUS Dortmund offer only test preparation courses on demand - we do not administer telc (or other) Exams !

June 2019

Basic Portuguese Course in Witten

Portuguese language basics and intercultural communication.

Small group course - starts June/July 2019


info.essen@fokussprachen.com or

Tel. 0201 / 177 88 80.

Here's our placement test

Do your placement test now - free and without obligation. You will receive the results straight away, based on the CEF (Common European Framework of Reference)
Fokus Sprachen & Seminare | Einstufungstest | Deutsch
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How well do you speak English?
Quel est votre niveau de Français?
¿Qué tal su español?
Come parli l'italiano?
Вы говорите по-русски?


Your feedback makes us better!


Our experienced and competent team is looking forward to working with you!
Karl-heinz kröger 0201 7 177 88 80

Karl-Heinz Kröger



We are looking forward to hearing from you!

FOKUS Sprachen & Seminare Essen/Ruhrgebiet

Girardetstraße 6
45131 Essen-Rüttenscheid

Tel. +49 (0)201 177 88 80
Fax +49 (0)201 177 88 89


Please note:

This FOKUS location is not a course/seminar location!

At our location in Essen, where we plan and organise our courses from, we don't have classrooms - for your convenience we train in-house at your company.

We don't hold exams at FOKUS Essen/Dortmund!

Exams can be organised after courses organised by FOKUS Essen/Dortmund are finished.

Exams take place on location at our customers.