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FOKUS brings the world to you. Alongside the business and travel lingua franca, English, we offer the increasingly important languages of Chinese, Russian and Portuguese, the languages of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas - including more exotic offerings such as Tagalog, Swahili or Farsi

Clear, effective communication and its building blocks of vocabulary, phrases, grammar and pronunciation are the sound foundations of our courses, with a focus on building confidence in the situations you’ll encounter.

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our Open Group Programme.

In your Open Group, be it German beginners level or Spanish advanced level - you won't just learn the language, you’ll also meet people of all ages brought together by their shared interest and joy in learning a language.

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German courses for your studies or your work in Germany, or professional or everyday life, in an evening or intensive course – whatever your preference, FOKUS’ flexibility means we have a course that’s right for you. Book an individual course or one with your friends or colleagues – ask us for an offer.

English courses

In today’s connected world, English makes doing business across borders possible. Stay in touch with current business English usage and feel confident that you will be able to perform at a professional level with our range of business English courses.

Whether you’re negotiating with India, studying in Los Angeles, or going on an adventure holiday in Zimbabwe, the lingua franca, English is critical for success and enjoyment.

Keep your language skills in focus at FOKUS.

French Courses

Whether you’re doing business in La Défense, sightseeing in Brittany or doing a cooking course in Dijon, French language skills will bring you in closer contact with the people of this commercial and cultural powerhouse.

If you’d like to connect with the French, speaking their language is the key. Be confident in meetings, know the difference between Bordeaux and Bourgogne when ordering from the menu.

FOKUS also offers practical, conversation based courses for holidays in the land of Piaf, Champagne and Monet.


    Spanish courses

    No matter whether you need Spanish for your profession or your pleasure, as preparation for a term abroad or a trip to a Spanish speaking country - we got the right course for you.

    About 445 Million people speak Spanish as a mother tongue. Most of them can be found in Spain and in Latin America. Even in the remotest parts of this planet the language was imported by the ancient mariners: to Belize and the Philippines, to Morocco and Puerto Rico. We would like you to discover this melodic language full of character, from the country of torreros and tango andaluz and to open doors to these new and exciting ambituos industry nations of Latin America.

    Job-related Courses

    Language skills for your profession

    A successful career is dependent on confident and competent language. At FOKUS we offer job-related courses to train both business-specific and more conversational language incorporating key cultural differences and everyday aspects of working in Germany: how should you to talk to colleagues, superiors and customers? What are the unwritten rules of doing business in another language? What distinguishes German work culture from your own? FOKUS will prepare you to do your job, with confidence in your language and intercultural skill. Allow us to prepare you for your new job, whatever your position or profession.

    Professional courses for professional purposes