Inbound - Outbound

Get an in-depth overview of the everyday and business culture which you’ll be dealing with during your placement.

Acquiring the intercultural knowhow and skills that will help you navigate successfully through life in a different culture will help you to be confident and effective during your expat placement.

FOKUS has a top-class pool of intercultural trainers who have the expertise to provide successful intercultural preparation.

Intercultural training formats

Intercultural Appropriateness

The Dos & Don'ts on the international stage:

Get to know the general intercultural characteristics and country-specific customs of your target culture.

Intercultural Team Building

How do I tell my foreign colleague?

In international teams there are often points of friction that have an intercultural origin. Our seminars give an insight into the foreign corporate culture, including teamwork, work flow, time management and conflict resolution.

Intercultural Management

Are you an executive who needs to conduct negotiations with foreign partners, close deals or lead larger teams in the target culture?

FOKUS provides highly qualified intercultural trainers not just in Germany but world-wide, who have the expertise to prepare you for successful completion of all management tasks in the target country.



Are your employees regularly sent abroad or do your foreign specialists work and live here in Germany?

You’ll need all-round support for your employees, their families: intensive language training paired with intercultural preparation for the target culture.

Trust us: we understand that intercultural training and language training belong together. FOKUS has a worldwide network of partners who work to the same high-quality standards. Our experienced and top-class trainers are on hand to help you with your intercultural and language needs.

Brisbane, Bruno or Bucharest - we make your foreign assignment your new home.