Time Management and Self Managment:

7 simple motivational tips 2024

You would like to learn a language in the New Year or climb the next step on the career ladder?

In order to follow up your good plans, here are 7 tips on how you can increase your motivation. True to the motto: Planning is good, but starting is even better!

Zeitmanagement und Selbstmanagement mit Fokussprachen optimieren

1. Visualise your achievements

Keep an eye on your goal! For example, these can be pictures on the fridge or post-it’s on the computer monitor. So make sure you don’t get distracted from your goals by other things.

2. Set way points

Small steps to goals are easier to achieve than the overall goal. Another advantage of this strategy: You can always celebrate small successes and stay motivated. Therefore, make a to-do list from which you can chekc off points again and again.

3. Paint the future

Dream about how good it will feel at the finish. For example, quitting smoking means living a healthier life

4. Find fellow campaigners

No matter which goal you pursue, whether health, professional or athletic: If all members have the same goal in a group, the motivation increases. After all, your teammates will help you through small and large motivation lows.

5. Tell friends and family about your goal

Bring your friends and family into the journey and use their encouragement and support as a motivator to reach the next step. Discover your potential!

6. Find role models

Look for role models who have already achieved their personal goals – be it your best friend, a colleague or your sister. In addition, this motivates you to reach your goals. True to the motto: “If he / she can do it, so can I?”

7. Put yourself under time pressure

For example, create a weekly overview in which you write down your tasks and milestones. If a course is registered in the gym for every Thursday, you must also be aware of it.

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