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FOKUS is a certified examining institution for telc (The European Language Certificates). The telc examination is an internationally recognised certificate of language competence. The certificates are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching (CEFR).

We offer a wide range of telc exams German, from beginners level to near nativeness, from general language exams to business or academic language.

Apply online or call in to our school at Brienner Str. 48.

Call us on 089 45 21 33 60

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Exam days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

FOKUS is located in the centre of Munich between Königsplatz (U1) and Stiglmaierplatz (U2). Feel at home in our well-equipped and welcoming rooms and get all the support you need before the exam from our friendly team. Cookies, coffee and wi-fi access top off our service! Tuesdays we offer B1 and B2-exams, Fridays we offer all exam formats.

We offer coffee, biscuits and a pleasant test atmosphere

Select your telc exam date online and apply now!

  1. Choose your language, for example, German
  2. Choose your Level and format, for example B1 telc or  B2 telc or C1 telc Academic…
  3. Choose the category for 'telc' ; then select 'find course'.
  4. Select the examination date and enter your details.
  5. Your request will be processed internally and you will receive a confirmation and an invoice. Please transfer the money instantly as we can only register you for the exam when the money has arrived.



For exam success, enroll in our effective exam preparation courses, which take place 4 days immediately prior to your exam. Practice every aspect of the test, get support and tips from our experienced trainers and complete a mock exam with personalised feedback.

here you can get further information on the test preparation and you can apply for the intense prep crash courses.