Tourism, Hotel Industry, Gastronomy

Inspire guests from all over the world. Whether welcoming hotel guests, recommending sights or discussing event catering - we will train your staff in the most common situations in the tourism industry. In this way you will score points with international guests with excellent language skills.

Englisch lernen

Course contents

  • Welcoming hotel guests, providing information
  • Describe room categories and prices
  • Reacting to requests and complaints
  • Welcome restaurant guests, recommend dishes and drinks
  • Providing travel information and transport connections
  • Suggesting sights and recreational programs
  • Discussing events and congresses
  • Explain meeting rooms and equipment, offer catering


  • Course content tailored to the tourism industry, the hotel industry and the catering trade
  • Specialist training material, specially developed for tourism, the hotel and catering industry
  • Supplementing the course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Training of realistic action situations


Only methodically sound first-class trainings ensure lasting success. That is why we developed the FOKUS method. Each training is designed in accordance with our 4L components: Lernen (learning), Leisten (achieving), Lachen (laughing) and Leben (living). This specialized language training for tourism, hotel business and gastronomy provides you with exactly the contents that you need in your professional life.

With specialized training material and based on realistic action situations, our trainers make your employees fit for the international market. In addition to general language skills for business communication, this course covers industry-specific vocabulary and situations for tourism, the hotel industry and gastronomy.


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