Conducting small talk in a foreign language

Small talk opens doors – provided you master the way around this business discipline in the foreign language. Your employees will learn to establish their first impressions with confidence. They will train in areas such as breaking the ice, initiating conversation or the transition to another topic.

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Inhalte für den Fachsprachkurs Smalltalk-Deutsch

  • Greet and get to know one another
  • Master common small talk topics
  • Include recommendations and prompts
  • Introduce new points, change the topic
  • Accept invitations or politely decline
  • Get involved in a conversation
  • Handle difficult issues carefully and respectfully
  • Establish commitment and terminate conversations professionally


  • Adjusts course contents to small talk needs
  • Specialist training material
  • Supplementing the course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Training of realistic action situations


Nur methodisch erstklassig aufbereitete Trainings sichern auch nachhaltigen Erfolg. Daher haben wir die FOKUS-Methode entwickelt. Jedes Training orientiert sich an den 4L Komponenten: Lernen, Leisten, Lachen or Leben. So vermittelt Ihnen das Fachsprachentraining „Smalltalk Deutsch“ genau die Inhalte, die Sie im Berufsalltag brauchen.


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