Technical language course for nurses and caregivers

Helping also means understanding. Working in a hospital or nursing home requires not only medical and psychological know-how, but the appropriate linguistic skills as well. We teach the necessary specialist vocabulary and make your employees fit for professional, empathetic communication with patients - in the outpatient and inpatient sector.

Englisch lernen

Course contents

  • Explain different activities in the nursing profession
  • Describe equipment in nursing homes
  • Mastering the admission and discharge of patients
  • Identify health programmes, prevention and rehabilitation measures
  • Address patients and relatives in a positive and motivating way
  • Communicate professionally with doctors and colleagues
  • Discuss schedules, duty times and handovers
  • Learning of important expressions in public and private health care


  • Tailoring the course content to the nursing staff
  • Specialist training material
  • Supplementing the course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Training of realistic action situations


Only methodically sound first-class trainings ensure lasting success. That is why we developed the FOKUS method. Each training is designed in accordance with our 4L components: Lernen (learning), Leisten (achieving), Lachen (laughing) and Leben (living). This specialized language training for nurses and caregivers gives you exactly the content that you need in your professional life.


Individual offer