Legal Language Course for lawyers

Every word is decisive. In the legal system, excellent language skills are particularly important. So that your employees don't just shine in their native language, we also train their vocabulary in regard to paragraphs, patents and contract conditions in the required foreign language. In this way, they are able to perfect their legal vocabulary in their language of choice.

Englisch lernen

Course contents

  • Identify areas of expertise and professional profiles in the legal field
  • Explaining corporate forms and areas of liability
  • Explain rights and obligations and liability issues
  • Explain basic contract components
  • Execute contract conditions for goods and services
  • Discussion of the contents of employment contracts, hiring and dismissal
  • Present legal facts about patents and trademark protection
  • Declare intellectual property/copyright laws


  • Tailor-made course content in legal jargon
  • Specialist training material
  • Supplementing the course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Training of realistic action situations


Only methodically sound first-class trainings ensure lasting success. That is why we developed the FOKUS method. Each training is designed in accordance with our 4L components:Lernen (learning), Leisten (achieving), Lachen (laughing) and Leben (living). This specialized language training for lawyers gives you exactly the content that you need in your professional life.


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