Specialised language course for the energy industry

Expand your first-class communication skills in your desired foreign language. Whether it's about future energy sources, potential savings or emission control - your employees will learn the necessary vocabulary to further enhance their expertise in the energy sector.

Englisch lernen

Branchenspezifische Inhalte „Deutsch für die Energiewirtschaft“

  • Explain tasks and professional profiles in the energy sector
  • Describe fuels and energy sources and types of power plants
  • Understanding important regulations of the international energy market
  • Present measures for emission control and environmental protection
  • Identification of energy saving potentials
  • Discuss nuclear policy, reprocessing and disposal
  • Describe measures for occupational health and safety
  • Present and discuss future energy sources


  • Tailoring the course content to the energy sector
  • Specialist training material
  • Supplementing the course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Training of realistic action situations


Nur methodisch erstklassig aufbereitete Trainings sichern auch nachhaltigen Erfolg. Daher haben wir die FOKUS-Methode entwickelt. Jedes Training orientiert sich an den 4L Komponenten: Lernen, Leisten, Lachen or Leben. So vermittelt Ihnen das Fachsprachentraining „Energie-Deutsch“ genau die Inhalte, die Sie im Berufsalltag brauchen.


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