Specialised language course for the construction industry

Build on the first-class communication of your employees. We train the specific language skills that an expert in the construction industry needs - be it in design issues, discussing approval procedures or budget plans. Create the foundation for a lasting successful cooperation with your customers.

Englisch lernen

Course contents

  • Explaining job profiles in the construction industry
  • Describing construction projects as well as budget and time schedules
  • Display individual steps in the construction progress
  • Discuss approval procedures and building contract law
  • Present and recommend design solutions
  • Describe energy and environmental law measures
  • Creating documentation for authorities
  • Explanation of construction acceptance protocols


  • Tailored course content to the real estate and construction industry
  • Specialist training material
  • Supplementing the course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Training of realistic action situations


Only methodically sound first-class trainings ensure lasting success. That is why we developed the FOKUS method. Each training is designed in accordance with our 4L components: Lernen (learning), Leisten (achieving), Lachen (laughing) and Leben (living). This specialized language training for the construction industry gives you exactly the content that you need in your professional life.


Individual offer