Into the job with AVGS-supported further training

"Do you speak English?" A solid knowledge of English is increasingly important in the German workforce, not just when looking for a new job, but also to meet the changing requirements of your current job. Language training is supported by the Arbeitsagentur with 2 types of vouchers - Aktivierungs- and Vermittlungsgutscheinen. Fokus Stuttgart is certified as a provider of language courses, and you can turn your voucher into a valuable investment in your future career.

Foreign languages in further education

Would you like to complete an AVGS training course? Talk to us about your options. We offer a wide range of work-related language courses (e.g. Business English, Technical English, English for Office Communication, English for Presentations, Business German, Technical German), which will enable you to acquire valuable new language skills within a short time.

Ask at the Bundesagentur für Arbeit about whether you’re eligible.

If you’d like to know more about our AvG course, contact FOKUS Stuttgart