Successful Meeting Skills: Turn-taking and Contributing


Successful Meeting Skills: Turn-taking and Contributing

Successful Meeting Skills: Turn-taking and Contributing

Do you find it difficult to take part in meetings? Do you often think too long about what you want to say and find that the topic has moved on before you have had a chance to contribute? Do you have difficulties knowing how to politely and effectively get your point across without negatively impacting on the meeting dynamics?

Our focus in terms of content:
How to interrupt politely
How to check the meaning of a specific word
How to ask for clarification
How to ask someone to repeat themselves
How to ask someone to slow down
How to check if everyone understands you
How to adjust your own English to make it easy for others to understand
Building confidence – why do we „lose the words“ when we speak

Our trainers are: native or near-native speakers, highly qualified language trainer with many years of experience in the language industry.

Flexible, reliable and easy to book:You can register up to 9 days in advance of any workshop. Each workshop is guaranteed to take place even with only one registration. The workshop will be conducted using Microsoft TEAMS Education and FOKUS’ FELIX Online Platform.

Price: €199 per participant for each half-day workshop

Tip for your private or professional further development: The invoice can be issued to your employer or claimed by you for tax purposes.

Please note that our workshops are suitable for participants with at least a B1 level of English. If you would like to find out your language level, you can complete our free online levelling test using the following link.