English for Health Workers


English for Health Workers

English for Health Workers

Do you deal with patients in English and worry that you aren’t on the same page? This can cause a lot of stress on both sides and also create problems, for example symptoms being wrongly described or medication incorrectly taken. In our 3 hour workshop, you’ll have the chance to practise a range of vital phrases that you need when dealing with patients:

Focus topics:
Arranging appointments
Asking about symptoms
Explaining procedures and instruction patients what they need to do
Giving directions about home care and medication
Give rules of conduct and tips
Present referrals and further steps (rehab, therapy measures)

Our trainers are: native or near-native speakers, highly qualified language trainer with many years of experience in the language industry.

Flexible, reliable and easy to book:You can register up to 9 days in advance of any workshop. Each workshop is guaranteed to take place even with only one registration. The workshop will be conducted using Microsoft TEAMS Education and FOKUS’ FELIX Online Platform.

Price: €199 per participant for each half-day workshop

Tip for your private or professional further development: The invoice can be issued to your employer or claimed by you for tax purposes.

Please note that our workshops are suitable for participants with at least a B1 level of English. If you would like to find out your language level, you can complete our free online levelling test using the following link.