How to recognize and deal with intercultural differences in business

The introduction training by FOKUS Stuttgart helps you to recognize differences in thinking and acting between cultures. These differences can create quite a minefild for international relations.

This training is not centered around a specific country, there are neither specific rules for certain countries nor complex theory. It rather analyses critical inicdents with the help of case scenarios that show how Germans think and act and how that can lead to difficulties in dealing with international business associates. The key to success is not to learn countless rules by heart but to be able to recognize differences and react appropriately and respectfully.


You're on a business trip in China. Everything runs smoothly. Your Chinese business partner is smiling when handing you his business card. As you nore his address on the card he is petrified. But what happened? You can't make heads or tails of it. Our intercultural trainings help you to keep the smile on your associate's face.

Because we will tell you that it is an insult to scribble on the business card of your customer or partner. You will learn about courtesy in Japan and about the influence of the Scottish geography on its inhabitants. You will train your table manners for Malaysia and small talk in arabic countries.

An intercultural training prepares you for delicate situations

No matter for which country, we have an intercultural training for you. Our trainers were born and raised in the target culture and can tell you everything worth knowing at first hand. With the help of role plays like introductions, handing over presents or informal dinners you will be well prepared for your trip.

Don't leave your trip to chance - book an intercultural training by FOKUS